Every fitness journey starts with a simple step

Group Classes

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Fitness & Exercise Classes – Mercer County, NJ

Why should you attend Simply Fitness adult group classes in lieu of or in addition to your visits to the local fitness centers that don't offer classes?

  • You receive a professional personal trainer's direction and expertise without the personal trainer rate.
  • The workout received is always challenging and fun while you burn calories, tone muscle and lose inches.
  • The experience is very motivating and supportive when you work together in a group.
  • No one is waiting for you to arrive at your fitness center.  I doubt they care whether you show up or not, like I do!

Whether you’re out of shape, overweight or have a couple problem spots, its important to know that you’re not alone and you can achieve your health and wellness goals. As someone who has helped hundreds of women just like you achieve real results, I know my health and fitness program can make real changes in your life.

Corporate & Private

Do you have fitness space and/or workout equipment in your office without any professional assistance? Maybe there is a group of co-workers that would like to start a fitness regimen and your evenings are full. I will show you what you can do with your equipment or mine during a lunchtime demonstration to get you on the right track.

For larger organizations, I can design a custom wellness program of weekly fitness classes geared towards maintaining a healthy staff and minimizing company insurance costs.

Benefits of Group Training & Classes

  • Lose the love handles, flabby arms and thighs!
  • Look fabulous and fit at ANY age
  • Get stronger and have arms to bare
  • Increase energy and sleep more peacefully
  • Feel great and get ready to take on your world!
  • Maintain a healthy shape and size
  • Receive encouragement from other participants
  • Learn skills and techniques for at-home strength regimen
  • Burn calories and lose inches and/or weight
  • Laugh and smile more!