Every fitness journey starts with a simple step

Philosophy & Expectations

Helping You to Make Health & Wellness a Way of Life

  • Personal training with Gail has helped strengthen and tone my body. Each session is invigorating and uplifting.

    Kathy M., Personal Training Client
  • I have been working out on my own for about two years now, but it wasn’t until Gail that I have seen significant results.

    Jessica H., Personal Training Client
  • Gail is not only knowledgeable and direct with her approach, but she often pushes me to my limit.

    Bonnye R., Personal Training Client
  • You set the foundation for me to accomplish my goal with meal planning and being more active.

    Tracye G., Tight & Toned, Zumba Participant
  • I feel healthier, look better and have more energy. I am able to lift my children with ease, in addition to lifting and carrying the heavy laundry basket up and down the steps.

    Stacy, Personal Training Client
Nichelle at gym

There is nothing more important than health and wellness. When we feel good, we enjoy life, contribute more and take better care of ourselves and our families. The secret? Slowing down and getting back to basics. We all get caught up in the fast paced culture we live in and in the end, we become victims of it. By taking ownership of our lives, modeling others and staying consistent, positive change can happen.

Lets face it; life presents many challenges and obstacles as we try to stay fit and take care of all other areas of our lives. My mission is to motivate, educate and create a sense of independence toward all aspects of fitness so that physical and emotional success is achieved. Fitness is a lifestyle and it is important to incorporate it into your schedule just as you take a bath and brush your teeth.

My Philosophy on Fitness Training & Nutrition

Simply Fitness Training Plan
The SimFit Training Plan

If you know or have met me, you may have observed that my body frame is respectable for my height. I know how to change my body composition because I have succeeded several times for Figure competitions. When someone asks me how can I help them change their body composition, I always refer to my competition days where it took great discipline to change my body so I understand the journey.

No matter where you are, it all starts in the mind by making the decision to change and sticking with a plan. Regardless of how little or how extreme you want that change to be, no one else can do that for you. Once a commitment has been made, that is where I step in to assist my clients.

I also evaluate your eating patterns and dietary habits to make suggestions of what you should incorporate into your daily intake. I encourage eating multiple times a day at specific intervals to increase the metabolic rate and burn more calories.

Flexibility increases the range of motion around a joint to help increase mobility, reducing the chance of injury, muscle discomfort and stress. When I help a client build strength, eat better, improve their flexibility and change their mindset to be committed, they achieve remarkable results. These results include weight management, improved eating habits and an overall healthier lifestyle.

  • Improving functional fitness and muscle strengthing needed for everyday movement
  • Incorporating exercise and proper nutrition into your day-to-day routines.
  • Focus on balance and core strength through proper form and breathing techniques.
  • An emphasis on cardiovascular exercise to strengthen the heart
  • Strict diets do not work, that is why I create a program that incorporates some of your favorite foods
  • It's about modifying your eating behaviors to improve overall health

What to Expect

Jessica's Back

The purpose of your first meeting with me is to get to know each other, learn about your fitness goals, eating habits as well as your daily routine and medical history. It also provides you with an opportunity to find out more about my programs and answer all the questions you have. Your comfort level is very important to me.

How do I customize a program tailor made for you?

  • We discuss your daily nutrition habits to incorporate changes as needed.
  • We discuss any physical limitations. It is important to consult with your physician if you need medical clearance.
  • A light first training session is provided to assess your fitness level.
  • After the initial session, a plan is created for you to perform a regimen independently in between your sessions with me.
  • You are not alone! I am with you via phone, email or text messaging.