• Alysia C., Trenton, NJ

    Cut the Fat In Greater Trenton. Zumba and Strength Conditioning Classes by Simply-Fitness.

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    - Alysia C., Trenton, NJ

  • Christine C., Trenton, NJ

    Up! Up in age, up in weight, up half the night! Blood pressure up, cholesterol up, stress levels up! I was FED UP!

    So, I decided to do something about it. I was done with my unhealthy status that seemed to come with entering my 40's, and began my journey to a healthier me starting with my consultation with Gail.

    Gail wanted to know what my fitness goals were. I wanted to lose weight, gain strength, sleep through the night, and just plain feel healthier. She put me right to work! Now, I want to be honest, although I'm a teacher, I may not be the best student. I complained most of the time throughout my sessions, attempted the sad puppy dog face and had plenty of set backs. Fortunately, what's great about working out with Gail is that she won't give up on you and won't let you give up on yourself.

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    - Christine C., Trenton, NJ

  • Aliya N., Ewing, NJ

    To start I am twenty years old and before I met Gail I clung to any 'ultimate workout' tape I had access to. Those worked for a couple of weeks until I lost the enthusiasm to keep up with them. I got to the point where I had to look at myself and really think, this body image should make me feel as confident as I know I am, but it didn't.

    I then immediately grabbed my laptop and went searching for a personal trainer and stumbled upon Gail. I was very interested because she was the only personal trainer who offered so many opportunities for women and men in her community to get in shape and have fun while doing it. From that moment I sent her an email, we met and she was able to work with my school schedule to start my workouts.

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    - Aliya N., Ewing, NJ

  • Garnet J. Sourour, Trenton, NJ

    For the past two years, I've been working with Gail to become stronger and more flexible. She is an excellent trainer and works as needed with each individual. She has had to tweak my workout several times, especially in the beginning because of my lower back muscle spasms, which would make me practically immobile or at the very least, in much pain.

    I used to compete as an adult figure skater.  In my mid to late 20s and early 30s, I skated quite often.  Then I hurt my back in an effort to gain the one elusive jump:  the axel.  The constant falls on my left hip caused a temporary scoliosis due to muscle imbalance and spasm on one side.  Even though I worked with massage and chiropractic to relieve symptoms, I knew that my only way back to being physically fit was to get back to proper proportion through strength training.

    One of the greatest side effects from my strength training is that I no longer hurt myself doing day-to-day activities!  My muscles are lean and strong and my clothing fits better.  The best thing is that I love the way I look in my bikini and in sleeveless shirts!  Strength training -- it's the way to go.  And Gail is the one to get you there!

    - Garnet J. Sourour, Trenton, NJ

  • - Kathy Talking

  • Lisa W., Ewing Township

    After a serious illness that confined me to bed for over six months I set out to find a personal trainer that could rebuild my strength working within my medical limitations. I wanted to combine it with someone that was knowledgeable about nutrition since that aspect of my life also needed to change.

    I could not have found anyone better than Gail. She continues to tailor my workout to my ever-changing body. She watches carefully for any signs that changes may be necessary in the routines due to my health. Gail provided a workout routine for me to follow at home that allows me to carefully continue to rebuild my strength on the off days without risk of injury.

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    - Lisa W., Ewing Township

  • Thank you for providing me with the statistics from our 6 weeks together. I am amazed that I have lost a total of 3.75 inches from my body. My goal in consulting a personal trainer was to learn strength training exercises and eventually get myself back into clothing that I could wear before the birth of my child 5 years ago. I had stalled on my own and despite diligent work-outs on my treadmill, I could not achieve any further positive result. Having someone show you the exercise, do it with you and correct your form when needed has made all the difference.

    I have taken what I have learned during our sessions, added additional cardio and have a work-out routine that is not boring, has shown results with no injury to my body and that can be done in a reasonable period of time on a daily basis. (This is an important consideration when you work full time and have a family to care for). The scale has even started to move in the direction I was hoping for. I have tried on those clothes from over 5 years ago and I am in them again. In a few more weeks, using what you have taught me, I am sure that I will be able to wear those clothes again confidently.

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    - Susan D., Ewing, NJ

  • Sharon J., Zumba Participant

    Hi my name is Sharon and I’m 46 years young! While most women don’t share their age, I am proud to disclose mine because since my weight loss of 119lbs. (and counting) many people say, I don’t look my age and I definitely don’t “feel” like my age. The cool thing is that for me, just three years ago weighing in at 287lbs., my highest weight ever, that was not necessarily the case. Back in 2010, when I was unhappily obese (clinically speaking) unbeknownst to me I was living in denial

    - Sharon J., Zumba Participant

  • Training with Gail was one of the best things I have done to improve my strength. Gail is not only knowledgeable and direct with her approach, but she often pushes me to my limit.

    Prior to working out with Gail, my strength was extremely limited. I knew almost nothing about weight and strength training and how it relates to a healthier lifestyle. Her workouts have given my body more definition than I have ever had and I feel so much better about myself.

    Gail’s genuine concern for my health and fitness needs is just what I need in a trainer. I have also received personalized advice on nutrition, which has helped me improve my overall diet.

    - Bonnye R, Ewing, NJ

  • I can honestly say that training with Gail has changed my life. My weekly sessions with Gail provide me with a well-rounded exercise program. Her program challenges me with cardio and strength building exercises. What I love about the program the most is that Gail has experience in Pilates, nutrition, and bodybuilding. The tips and support that she gives follows me at home and at my local gym. I started with one session of Pilates then added a second session of strength. With the combined regimen, I have lost 10 pounds and am 5 pounds from my goal weight.

    - Jamilah H., Philadelphia, PA

  • Lisa K., Pemberton, NJ

    Gail Williams, Simply Fitness is beyond the best! Your training program has put me in the best shape of my life and with that given me the confidence that I CAN do this. I look forward to each workout and accept each challenge. The results are amazing and I am THRILLED!

    I can't thank you enough.

    - Lisa K., Pemberton, NJ

  • Pam T., Trenton, NJ Pure Strength Participant

    Before working with Gail, my upper body was lacking strength. I didn't realize I was that weak until our first session together. She wanted me to do some chest flyes with 3 lb weights in each hand, I could barely get them above my chest. At that point I knew I needed some work!

    I am happy to report that I progressed from 3 lbs to 5 lbs, then 8 lbs, then 10, and today (less than 2 years later) I'm using 12.5 lb weights in each hand and I can say I have gotten much stronger and more defined! Thanks to Gail for her motivation and expertise! I'm hoping to move up to 15 lbs in due time, but for now I'm extremely happy with my progress!

    - Pam T., Trenton, NJ Pure Strength Participant

  • Tracye G., Hamilton, NJ

    You set the foundation for me to accomplish my goal with meal planning and being more active. When I signed on with you, I made myself a promise that your efforts would not be in vain and they weren't - I made a commitment and stuck with it - and am still sticking with it - I begin every morning with flaxseed oil and follow it by a healthy breakfast - I make better choices using that alternate snack list you provided me with and I make sure I have a well balanced dinner.  When people ask me how'd I do it - you are the first person I name.  You are truly a blessing.  Look at your following - you are amazing!

    - Tracye G., Hamilton, NJ

  • Me Umm...yes, I would like to order the triple stack of pancakes, 3 eggs, and 3 pieces of bacon...oh its All You Can Eat Pancakes Day you say?!Well, feel free to bring another stack out with the first. Please and thank you.

    Yes,my friends, that was my typical eating out fare on any given day of the week. Those of you that know me well, know that I love food. Hands down. And lots of it. However, prior to the New Year, I began to seriously reevaluate my health and my diet. I have always worked out, but mainly stuck to cardio and avoided weight lifting like the plague. To make matters worse,my diet has always been pretty suspect; mainly encompassing a little bit of vegetables and a whole lot of cookies!

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    - Andrena C., Trenton, NJ

  • Jean: I first met Gail in the fall of 2009 when she gave some body sculpting classes at Artworks in Mill Hill of Trenton, NJ.  In the spring of 2010, I got to the point where I knew I had to commit to do something to try and lose some weight and work on weight-bearing exercises for bone strength.

    Janet: At age 86, I have had back trouble since 1964, when the treatment was morphine in hospital and muscle relaxants and bed rest afterwards.  As the years went by, I began to notice that exercise really helped more than rest.  I was told to stretch the leg muscles that kept me awake at night.  Jean thought that Gails program of yoga and weight training might be just the thing.  And indeed it has been.

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    - Jean and Janet Bickal, Trenton, NJ

  • Pam B., North Plainfield, NJ

    That moment while looking at a photo of myself after returning home from vacation was the moment I had a enough of me.

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    - Pam B., North Plainfield, NJ

  • I feel healthier, look better and have more energy. I am able to lift my children with ease, in addition to lifting and carrying the heavy laundry basket up and down the steps. If I did not have Gail as a trainer, I would not challenge myself to the same level of our workouts.

    She pushes me when I think I can’t continue, but realizes my limits. I have worked with Gail for almost 3 years. During that time, I was pregnant and maintained modified workouts. After giving birth, I lost 30 pounds and 3 dress sizes in about 5 months without nursing. I don’t know what I would do without her!

    - Stacy

  • I am so EXCITED as I am really seeing results of keeping with your classes! And improved eating!!!!!

    As I am pulling out my fall clothes, I have noticed how much better they fit ...actually, quite a few are now too big!!!!

    One of my favorite skirts which I "outgrew" two years ago and had to always wear with a jacket or long shirt, is now back to being my favorite!!!!! I'm wearing it today, with my blouse tucked in!!!!!!!

    - Angelene J., Trenton, NJ, Pure Strength & Zumba Participant

  • Erika F., Marlton, NJ

    I began seeing Gail in 2011 as I began my fitness journey. She has worked with me through virtual training or Skype for the past three years. Gail has worked me hard from the beginning. She was always a constant energizer to help me keep my weight on track. I have always struggled with my weight since I was 11 years old, but Gail encouraged me to continue my healthy lifestyle even through stressful moments in my life. 

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    - Erika F., Marlton, NJ

  • Jessica H., Chesterfield, NJ

    I have been working out on my own for about two years now, but it wasn’t until Gail that I have seen significant results. Even though I had some basic knowledge, she has managed to bridge the gap between what I thought I knew and what I actually needed in order to achieve my fitness goals.

    Prior to working with Gail, I was at the gym anywhere between 5 to 6 days a week.  I came to a plateau and become frustrated because I wasn’t seeing the results of what I was actually aiming for. I found myself sitting on machines looking for songs on my iPod to listen to rather than actually doing the exercises! And that’s when I realized that I needed an extra push. Gail has given me that extra push and more.

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    - Jessica H., Chesterfield, NJ

  • Nichelle, Philadelphia, PA

    My weight loss journey...During a difficult time in my life, I turned to food for comfort. I was eating very unhealthy  meals three times a day and snacked often on tasty cakes and sour cream and onion potato chips. My weight  was spiraling out of control.

    In December 2010, I weighed 206 and wore a size 16. This was the heaviest I have been in my life. I felt horrible and hated looking at myself in the mirror.  So on top of being depressed and super stressed, I was fat!!! I know I needed to do something....I needed help. 

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    - Nichelle, Philadelphia, PA

  • - Tracey and her arms!!

  • Debbie S., Ewing, NJ

    Gail and I met in January of 2008 through an ad she had in the Ewing Observer newspaper. My fitness journey started with weekly 30 minute strength training sessions that progressed to an hour. That hour was half strength training and half mat Pilates. As a result of the strength and balance gained, I can proudly say that I can now do a full side plank among many other things. After two years, I added another 30 minute session of strength training to achieve more results. After menopause, I found weight training became very important to my body and I encourage all of my friends to incorporate it into their fitness regimen.

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    - Debbie S., Ewing, NJ

  • Personal training with Gail has helped strengthen and tone my body. Each session is invigorating and uplifting. Gail tailors the workout to my body and my goals. Even on days that I am tired and feeling unsure of my stamina, I end up having a fabulous workout and leave feeling stronger and in a great mood!

    As a trainer, Gail is serious about your form and pushing you to work to your potential. After each session Gail does a follow-up, via e-mail, by checking on how my body responds to each workout. She uses this information along with the notes that she keeps to track the progress I am making and to continue designing my program according to my body.

    I am so glad I decided to work with Gail and only regret not starting sooner! I feel stronger and my family and friends have already begun noticing the change in my physical appearance.

    - Kathy

  • Sonya H., Trenton, NJ

    My journey to fitness started in March of 2015. My mother passed away in March of 2013 of cancer. To her and my family’s surprise she was diagnosed with stage four cancer in 2011. This was the darkest period of my life. I never expected to see someone I loved so much to waste away from this disease.

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    - Sonya H., Trenton, NJ

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