Every fitness journey starts with a simple step

No Excuses

Make no mistake, without excuses you can resolve to have the body, health and lifestyle you truly want with commitment and determination

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v.  to come to a definite or earnest decision about.
Do you resolve to be a better you in a healthier body?

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n.  a pledge or promise; obligation.
Will you make a commitment to your fitness journey?

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adj.  having made a firm decision and being resolved not to change it.
Do you have the determination to fullfill your fitness dreams?

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Personal Trainer & Fitness Classes for Women -- Mercer County, New Jersey

woman streching

Have you looked at your naked body in a full length mirror lately and said, "These extra love handles, flabby arms and thighs have GOT to go! or Where are my muscles hiding?"

As one of Central New Jersey’s premier trainer and coach for women, I combine personal fitness training (both online and in person), a nutritional consultation and holistic healing in an encouraging environment to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. I also hold group fitness classes for women (and men) in the Trenton, New Jersey area.

My proven holistic programs help you lose weight and gain confidence in yourself. Through aerobic exercise, resistance training and diet changes, you can have the life you want—once and for all. Despite what you might think or what you may have tried in the past, you can unleash your muscle power, burn calories and strengthen and tone your body. It’s the natural state our bodies want to be in and now you can bring back your youthful self, forever.

Can You Relate

That is one of the main reasons a trainer is a good option for you. We will work together to realize your potential and achieve your goals.
As we mature, our bodies change due to a slowed metabolism if you do not exercise. Exercise helps to increase that metabolism so we are burning unwanted calories even as we rest. Strength training helps to build lean muscle to reshape the body, as well
You are not alone. Nutrition is THE hardest area to battle when losing weight, however, I guide you to make smarter choices. This works directly with exercise as one will not work efficiently without the other.
Motivation and consistency are two elements needed to get you on track for your fitness journey. The customized program we build together will get you motivated first as you develop consistency.
My private studio is perfect for you. I have all the tools necessary for strength, cardio intervals, balance, flexibility and core work. We can work one on one or you can work with a partner.
My programs are tailored for each individual. They incorporate activities you can do anywhere, anytime with a lot of unique approaches that are fun and enjoyable. Once you start to see change and results, the words exercise and chore will no longer be associated.
Now is the time to take care of you. You want to have good health with reduced levels of stress, so the time you are taking care of everyone and everything will be more fulfilling.
This can happen sometimes. You may need to infuse something new or take a different approach to your training. We will work together to develop a unique approach to accomplish your goals.